When should you replace your car battery?

car batteries

Batteries are the often forgotten hero of your car. Not only are they essential for powering your vehicle and all of its components, but they are rarely given much thought until they are flat. This is often at the most inconvenient of times. As all cars are different, you need a battery that holds its charge and is the right capacity to support the various demands depending on your vehicle. At JA Toft we sell car batteries for all makes and models and can equip your car with the right battery for your vehicle, – complete with a manufacturer’s warranty. In today’s post we answer one of the most asked questions relating to car batteries – how often should they be replaced.

The rule of thumb is…

It’s a good question since different circumstances can affect how long batteries will last including brand, how the vehicle is driven and even outside temperature. However the general accepted consensus is that a new battery should last up to four years under normal conditions. This means that after around three years, getting your battery looked at quick for a snapshot of the quality of the battery is a smart idea. It allows you to then assess whether it may be time to replace the battery and be proactive in preventing the inevitable flat battery when it’s most inconvenient.

A few more things to know about car batteries…

-  Regular short trips can decrease battery life as the battery doesn’t always fully charged as it is driven. A constant undercharging of the battery can cause acid stratification where dense and thin acid is split inside the battery, expending the denser acid more quickly and decreasing the life of the battery

- If you see corrosion or stains on the battery it means that there has been a leak in the battery and the battery will not be performing in the best way.

- Extreme heat speeds up the chemical reaction process of batteries.

All things considered, batteries are generally a very reliable automobile part, and considering the amount of work they do are relatively cheap to replace and long lasting. When it comes to your car battery is pays to be proactive and have them changed before they leave you stranded.

JA Toft is Bundaberg’s Automotive superstore and have car batteries for all makes and models. Our friendly staff can advise on the right battery for your car, so visit us today at 7 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg.

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