Touch up time: Tips to match auto paint for DIY Jobs

This news post is to give car owners some guidance on how to match auto paint. Let’s say you got in an accident and prefer not pay the higher insurance premium or pay expensive paint job, then perhaps the best way to save money is to do the job yourself.

Where do I find the car’s colour?

The first thing you should do is find the recommended paint colour that matches your car.
You can begin by getting the manufacturing name, the car’s model number and the year it was made.  After you gathered this information do a search online the car manufacturer’s website for the precise colour code.

The chances of finding the colour code depends on the history of your vehicle.  Suppose you haven’t any luck finding the code – you can locate the colour code on the automobile’s identification plate.

Now to Call into JA Toft!

Once you find the specific shade of colour of your car, you ready to visit your local auto parts store. It is essential to that you mix the paint sufficiently so that the colours match. Regardless if you have picked the appropriate shade no. the colours should always be blended. The blend will visible where the new shade transitions into the old shade. The colour transitions is a trick to give the illusion that the colours are the same, if the colours don’t fully match.  After spraying the section of the car you want to paint, then next step is to mix the colour shade with a transparent colour base. Call into the auto paint specialists here at JA Toft – We have the full spectrum of paints under the one roof.

With the above tasks completed, the next stage is preparing the area to be painted. Your first task in this stage to remove the old the paint. To rub everything off you can use a detailing solution. The final step is painting your car.

If this is your first attempt you may not get the results that you wanted to achieve. If all else fails you can get professional paint technician to get the desired look.

For more auto paint advice including touching up vehicles and finding the right paint for your car, call into JA Toft in Bundaberg. We’ve got all paints for all vehicles here under the  we look forward to helping!

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