Choosing a car colour: what your colour choice says about you

Choosing your car’s paint colour is a highly personal and even an emotional decision for many people buying a car. Their preferred colour is often closely tied to their personality and everyone has a preference here. But despite auto paint available in a full spectrum of colours, the colours of white, silver and black continue to be the most popular of all. When choosing a colour, while looks are an important part from a colour that you like the look of, there are some practical considerations for choosing a car colour that you may not have thought about which we explain below. Continue reading

Going Pro – Why Protec® Auto Paint is the industry brand of choice

car paint

There’s a full spectrum of colours here for any industrial painting project here at JA Toft. We’ve got the biggest selection of car paint in Bundaberg and we proudly stock industrial paint for all applications from some of the leading manufacturers. In our latest post we explain why Protec® continues to be our brand, and the industry brand of choice for durable industrial coatings. Continue reading