Decoding Radiator Coolant – What Does it All Mean?

Imagine your car to be a super-charged battery, connecting to the power and intensity of a micro sun, or enough energy to warm a mansion in the middle of an Artic winter. It’s toasty inside, maybe a little bit too warm – your engine is very much like this house.

You’d think as engines shrank, their energy output would be streamlined and somewhat reduced, and you could be forgiven for assuming that, but you would be wrong. Even the most aerodynamic models suffer from overheating issues, as air is often direct away from the engine. Continue reading

Choosing a car colour: what your colour choice says about you

Choosing your car’s paint colour is a highly personal and even an emotional decision for many people buying a car. Their preferred colour is often closely tied to their personality and everyone has a preference here. But despite auto paint available in a full spectrum of colours, the colours of white, silver and black continue to be the most popular of all. When choosing a colour, while looks are an important part from a colour that you like the look of, there are some practical considerations for choosing a car colour that you may not have thought about which we explain below. Continue reading

How to degrease your car engine

A clean engine has more than just cosmetic benefits…

Cosmetic reasons aside, degreasing your car engine is something that’s relatively quick and easy, can help to identify leaks and corrosion and will also prevent rust and oil contamination. Your mechanic will certainly thank you for it too and a clean engine will also tell a better story if you put your car up for sale.

Unfortunately what’s under the hood of your car can be a case for out of sight, out of mind for many people, but it shouldn’t be. The Bundaberg automotive supplies specialists at JA Toft explain the simple steps to degreasing your car engine below. Continue reading

Car Washing 101 – A Guide to Careful Car Washing

Washing your car seems simple enough, but like almost everything the results can vary depending on technique and the procedure followed. Even worse you can damage your car paint if you’re overzealous with your washing method. Brought to you by the team of auto enthusiasts here at JA Toft, we share our advice for effective and careful car washing in our latest blog post Continue reading