A-Z List of Trade Tools

Is your garage, tool shed, or workspace well equipped with the right tools for jobs around the home?  Whether it’s nailing, gluing, powering, climbing, cutting or tightening, a good selection of trade tools and other equipment will make your life a lot easier and enable you to be a lot more handy around the home.

Here at JA Toft, we’ve got Bundaberg’s biggest selection of trade tools and auto parts under one roof – Most of the below we have at our retail outlet in Bundbaberg. Come and visit us today and pick up some quality brands of trade tools at great prices. Continue reading

Car Parts for every Bundy Garage

There is much to be said for a well-stocked and fully equipped garage. Whether you are an auto enthusiast or just someone who cares about car and home maintenance, the garage is the perfect place in the home to keep auto supplies and tools handy. As the leading supplier of auto accessories in Bundaberg, JA Toft has all supplies to pimp your ride – and also your garage. Here’s out list of handy items to keep on-hand in yours. Continue reading

Car Filters

Your car’s filter is a device that keeps your internal air free from dust, pollen, mold and other bacteria. It’s important to keep these maintained or replaced as poor maintenance will lead to poor air conditioning performance.

We offer a vast range for most car types, so if it’s time for a new filter call us today!