Four Steps to Prolonging the Life of Your Trade Tools

There’s nothing more important to a tradesmen than their tools. A good tradesman will spend years building up a tool collection that can perform the duties of their trade to the best of their abilities. And with your income relying so heavily on the state of your trade tools, it’s important to take good care of them. A few extra care strategies will keep your tools performing in optimum shape for longer.

The following steps are simple ways to improve your tool’s longevity that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Continue reading

5 of the most replaced car parts

Every car owner knows that they will need to replace parts from time to time. General car maintenance requires that cars are checked and parts are replaced when they get old or become damaged. While some parts will last the lifetime of the car, other car parts will need to be changed on a regular basis. We have listed five of the most commonly replaced car parts that you might like to monitor on your own car. Continue reading

Decoding Radiator Coolant – What Does it All Mean?

Imagine your car to be a super-charged battery, connecting to the power and intensity of a micro sun, or enough energy to warm a mansion in the middle of an Artic winter. It’s toasty inside, maybe a little bit too warm – your engine is very much like this house.

You’d think as engines shrank, their energy output would be streamlined and somewhat reduced, and you could be forgiven for assuming that, but you would be wrong. Even the most aerodynamic models suffer from overheating issues, as air is often direct away from the engine. Continue reading

Australia’s Most Trusted Brands of Trade Tools

Not all trade tools are born equal. When purchasing new tools, there are a few things you need to consider. The most important is its purpose – a home renovator will need a very different tool set to a professional tradesmen. But regardless of your intentions, you’ll want something that’s high quality and built to last. We recommend the following brands. Continue reading