Guide to Buying an Air Compressor

Air compressors provide high pressured air on demand for a wide range of purposes. Depending on your individual needs, will depend on the air compressor you will require, and how much you will ultimately pay.

JA Toft sells an extensive range of air compressors in Bundaberg to power a range of air tools, and for other handy tasks around the home. We explain the different grades of air compressor you should look for based on your requirements in this post.

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How to degrease your car engine

A clean engine has more than just cosmetic benefits…

Cosmetic reasons aside, degreasing your car engine is something that’s relatively quick and easy, can help to identify leaks and corrosion and will also prevent rust and oil contamination. Your mechanic will certainly thank you for it too and a clean engine will also tell a better story if you put your car up for sale.

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A-Z List of Trade Tools

Is your garage, tool shed, or workspace well equipped with the right tools for jobs around the home?  Whether it’s nailing, gluing, powering, climbing, cutting or tightening, a good selection of trade tools and other equipment will make your life a lot easier and enable you to be a lot more handy around the home.

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Car Parts for every Bundy Garage

There is much to be said for a well-stocked and fully equipped garage. Whether you are an auto enthusiast or just someone who cares about car and home maintenance, the garage is the perfect place in the home to keep auto supplies and tools handy. As the leading supplier of auto accessories in Bundaberg, JA Toft has all supplies to pimp your ride – and also your garage. Here’s out list of handy items to keep on-hand in yours. Continue reading

Car Washing 101 – A Guide to Careful Car Washing

Washing your car seems simple enough, but like almost everything the results can vary depending on technique and the procedure followed. Even worse you can damage your car paint if you’re overzealous with your washing method. Brought to you by the team of auto enthusiasts here at JA Toft, we share our advice for effective and careful car washing in our latest blog post Continue reading