5 reasons to choose JA Toft

If you need auto parts, tools and equipment, you will be wise to choose JA Toft. We are extremely proud of our business, and we know that if you choose us for all of your auto needs, you will be completely satisfied with our products and services. Here are five reasons to choose JA Toft.

1: A one-stop shop

If it fits on your car, then we have it for you. We have a full range of auto products in stock, and if we do not have what you need, you can bet that we will find it for you. JA Toft is extremely well resourced and connected to suppliers. There is no need to shop around or spend your time making frustrating phone calls to find what you need. Talk to the team at JA Toft and we will sort you out for auto parts, tools and equipment.

2: Established in 1958

You cannot beat an established company that has a strong reputation in the local community. JA Toft has been around since 1958, which means that we understand cars! We are familiar with a diverse range of makes and models, and know their unique characteristics. Our staff members are educated and experienced, and are honest and trustworthy. Partner with a team that has a proven track record!

3: A local independent company

JA Toft services Bundaberg in Queensland Australia, and all of the surrounding areas. We understand the local community and their needs in auto parts, tools and equipment. Come in and talk to locals who are from your own area, but who have national connections in their industry. When you make purchases from local businesses, you are supporting your own local economy.

4: Amazing prices

We know that you want auto parts, tools and equipment, but you do not want to spend a fortune on them. Our prices are impressive, and they will keep you coming back to us time and time again. Are you not glad that you have found a local supplier, who recognises the need to keep their prices low?

5: An experienced team

If you have a car and need new parts, you may want expert advice to ensure that you make the right purchases for your vehicle. Whether you are experienced with cars yourself, or a complete novice, you can find trustworthy advice in the team of professionals at JA Toft.

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