Car Washing 101 – A Guide to Careful Car Washing

Washing your car seems simple enough, but like almost everything the results can vary depending on technique and the procedure followed. Even worse you can damage your car paint if you’re overzealous with your washing method. Brought to you by the team of auto enthusiasts here at JA Toft, we share our advice for effective and careful car washing in our latest blog post


• Substitute a car wash with ordinary detergent which is designed for dishes. This can strip the wax and dull the surface of the paintwork.

• Don’t use too much pressure when scrubbing and applying great pressure can scratch paintwork

• Drop your sponge to the bottom of the bucket. This is where dirt and other built up residue get stuck and it can have an abrasive effect on the car’s paintwork. Be sure to refill buckets and add more car washing liquid as needed, especially if the car is particularly dirty.

Step-by-step guide for a superior clean

1. Use a high pressure water jet to clean the lower panels below the car doors and also hose down the wheel arches and grime from the underside of your car as these areas are typically the dirtiest and should be tackled first to avoid spreading this grime around.

2. Hose the rest of the body down. Pay particular attention to windows and work from the top down and make sure the entire surface is thoroughly wet. This will reduce smearing any dirt and leaving swirls on the car’s surface.

3. Following the instructions on the car wash product you are using to determine the ratio of liquid to water. Normally this is around 1-2 capful per bucket.

4. When cleaning the car we recommend using a second sponge for the windows and windscreen and rinsing each panel as you go. This reduces the chance of detergent residue drying on the paintwork.

5. Use a chamois or towel to dry your vehicle. This leaves a streak free finish and polishes the paintwork. Pay specific attention to dry metal and chrome parts on the vehicle body with a chamois.

As proud car owners will realise, there is a big difference between a basic car wash and a superior clean and much of this comes down the washing technique itself. Stay tuned to our blog for more car care maintenance tips and advice from Bundaberg’s leading auto parts and supply specialists – JA Toft.

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