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Car paint

We have a combined experience of 180 years in the automotive supply industry. Crikey, that’s a lot isn’t it? With that amount of experience you can be sure we know a thing or two, about, well, actually, pretty much everything. We stock an extensive product range of tools, batteries, car paint and supplies. We are located in Bundaberg and we are here to offer you advice, match up your paint colour, and answer any questions you have about anything automotive.

The importance of the paint on your car

The paint on your car does a lot more than just make it look it great. The colour of your paint is much more than an aesthetic, the finishing on your car is actually a safety feature.

How does the finishing on a car make it a safety feature?

Metal is really strong, but the natural process of it is to deteriorate over time. It just breaks down. Heat, cold, water and the air all assault the structure of metal. The process is slow, but constant. Paint actually inhibits the process of the metal breaking down, assisting the structure of your car to remain solid.

Why doesn’t the undercarriage of the car breakdown?

The area beneath the car doesn’t break down faster because it is coated with clear paint. It might not look like it is protected, but it actually is.
Take care of the paint, maintain value.

A well maintained paint job will help the car retain value for resale. By taking care of little chips, you protect your car, preserve its good looks, and maintain value.

Is automotive paint the same as regular paint?

Nope, it is a different kind of paint. The technology that goes into automotive point is advanced, and is always improving. Automotive paint consists of:

• Pigment – includes toners or colours in a powder form. These are combined to give the  final look
• Resin – which will determine how durable the paint will be
• Solvent – which provides the flex, so that paint can be applied

We are expert suppliers for all of you automotive needs. We have auto parts, car paint and panel supplies, every tool you could ever require, and plenty of experience to ensure that we help you get exactly what you need. We are Bundaberg based, and we are always ready to help.

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