Attention Panel Beaters in Bundaberg: Here’s Five Reasons You Should Get Your Gear at Tofts

Are you a panel beater in the Bundaberg area looking for supplies? Look no further! Here at Tofts, we have everything to suit you and your business’s needs. In fact, we have compiled a list of five reasons you should get your gear from us over everyone else.

We’re your local panel beater suppliers

Located in Bundaberg, we here at Tofts are proud to call ourselves true blue locals. We supply a huge variety of products, including panel-beating supplies, to the local community and beyond. Support the local community by purchasing your panel beating gear from the locals who have been around the longest.

50+ years of experience in Bundy

Ever since 1958, we’ve been supplying the Bundaberg area and beyond with panel beating supplies. Over the years, we’ve gained both experience and the trust of many local companies. So you can be sure to trust us in supplying you with everything you and your panel beating business need.

We’re an independent business

Here at JA Tofts , we understand the importance of getting to know our customers. Since we are an independent company, we get to know you and your business in order to ensure we meet your needs. We’re not affiliated with any one supplier, so you get the best supplies for your needs – not what a parent company tells us to sell you! Being independent doesn’t mean we can’t compete with bigger businesses though. With buying power, which rivals those of national companies, we’re more than ready to supply you with anything you need at affordable prices.

We have all of your panel beating supplies right here in Bundaberg

From paints to panel beating tools, we have all the products you need for your shop. Do paint jobs? We can supply you with high quality paints. We can even mix them for you if you need a specific colour. Of course, we also sell any panel beating tools you might need. From hammers to touch up tools, we strive to ensure we can supply you with anything. If we don’t have something in stock, we are more than happy to find it for you.

Affordable prices

Our big buying power and longstanding partnerships with the majority of our suppliers means we can pass great deals onto you. Never again will you have to pay extravagant prices for your products. Buying from us means big savings for you and your business.

So next time you need panel beating supplies in the Bundaberg area, come and give us a visit. As professionals, we’ll be sure to provide you with only the best products.

Have a question or an inquiry you wish to make? Contact us here and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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