Automotive Grease & Oils Makes Slick Sense

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Oils & Greases make an engine run smoothly and perform the vital role of engine lubrication to reducw engine wear. At JA Toft we sell a range of automotive lubricants that help maintain the health of your engine, including auto grease, motor oil, plus other additives from leading automotive manufacturers including Valvoline and Penrite. In this article the Bundaberg automotive and car parts experts here at JA Toft explain why engine lubrication is so important for your car’s engine.

The Function of Automotive Oil

- Lubricate and prevent wear. Engine oil keeps the moving parts of an engine separated to reduce friction with thicker oil offering the best protection. Additives to oil can help provide engine oil with lesser viscosity the same level of protection.
- Protect against rust and corrosion. As oils degrade over time and corrosive by products are formed. Because of this oils contain anti-corrosion properties and acid neutralising additives to provide protection
- Keep components clean – Oils need to be particularly stable under heat and not cause system deposits.

Special Properties of Automotive Oils and Greases

- Promote Easy Engine Starting – Since most wear occurs in an engine upon start-up, engine oil should be of low temperature and thickness to flow quickly to engine bearings and valve train to prevent wear. Some engines need low viscosity oil to start at all.
- Cool the Engine – At least 40 per cent of an engine is cooled by the oil, rather than the vehicle’s radiator. This means oil is always under heat stress as it transfers heat around the engine without building up in one area and causing problems.

Oil Additives to keep oil clean and working effectively

With so many different engines including older and modern types there needs to be the right blend of oil to work effectively depending on the vehicle. Certain oils have additives already included to prevent contaminants affecting your engine, while others include detergents to keep the oil clean. Other oils have no additives but can be added to the oil later for increased performance. Ask our friendly team today to find the best oil for your car.

At JA Toft, we stock a huge range of auto lubrication products including brake and transmission fluids, oils, greases and additives from leading suppliers. Call us today on (07) 4151 2395 or visit our huge showroom at 7 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg and our helpful staff can find the right lubrication products for your car.

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