Choosing a car colour: what your colour choice says about you

Choosing your car’s paint colour is a highly personal and even an emotional decision for many people buying a car. Their preferred colour is often closely tied to their personality and everyone has a preference here. But despite auto paint available in a full spectrum of colours, the colours of white, silver and black continue to be the most popular of all. When choosing a colour, while looks are an important part from a colour that you like the look of, there are some practical considerations for choosing a car colour that you may not have thought about which we explain below.


Silver – For the tenth year in a row, silver has been the most popular car colour, not only in Australia, but around the world. There’s no doubt that silver looks suave, but it can be difficult to see in fog, and rain. The plus side is that lighter colours like silver and white will also stay cooler which can be an important consideration in warm climates like Bundaberg and central Queensland. Other shades of silver based metallic paint including are becoming more popular but usually cost

White – White comes in a close as the most popular car colour on our roads. While many see it as boring, there are a range of benefits for choosing white. Not only does the conservative choice of white command a higher resale value for its neutral appeal, it’s a professional choice for fleet vehicles and make up the bulk of vehicles on the roads that are used commercially. Like all car colours, white isn’t available in just white, but many different tones and shades of white, allowing for some customisation for those choosing lighter colours.

Black – Synonymous with the luxury look, black cars command attention, whether you’re going for the stately look of a diplomat in a limousine, higher end sedans and luxury SUV’s are increasingly going for black. The downside of black paint is that is quickly shows up dirt and dust compared to lighter colours, and can quickly make a car not parked in the shade a hot box is summer.


Red – Chosen for visibility and to make a car appear to go faster, red was a popular colour choice for vehicles during the 80s and early 90s, but has since declined in popularity in Australia.  Red still however has a very important place in the Australian sports car market, and symbolises power and fun. Highway patrol police cars and fire engines have opted for red intentionally because it is more likely to be noticed.

Bold Colours

For smaller city cars are often available in a range of bolder and brighter colours including turquoise, midnight blue, pink, lilac and even yellow. These tend to suit the personality of younger buyers who are often more fashion focused.

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