Healthy Engines Start With Oil & Air Filters

Oil Filter & Air Filters

Since the engine is the mechanical heart of any automobile it makes sense to protect it as much as possible from foreign matter and materials. The reason for this is long term contact with foreign matter can cause corrosion and abrasion to the engine itself. The good news is that there are two inexpensive automobile parts that work wonders in protecting the engine from airborne and oil containing foreign matter – oil and air filters.Here in Bundaberg at JA Toft we have a wide range of filters from leading manufacturers that protect your engine and keep it running like it was designed to. In today’s article we look at both oil and air filters and their role in keeping your car engine healthy.

Oil Filters – Why they are needed & how they work

For such a small sized component – about the size of can of soft drink, the oil filter performs the vital task of keeping your vehicle’s engine oil free from impurities – similar to how kidneys filter and clean blood.
This means that metal shavings, dirt and other irregularities are caught in the filter, so they are not continually redistributed around the engine wearing down engine bearings and causing low oil pressure in the process.  Like all filters however, oil filters are only effective if they are changed regularly when the oil is changed – at around every 10,000kms.

Air Filters – Why are they needed & how they work

To keep your engine breathing easy, air filters capture dust, dirt, bugs and other grime from entering the engine bay and causing corrosion. Like oil filters though, these are only effective if they are changed regularly, since a dirty air filter will offer little protection and starve your engine of air. An engine that is deprived of air will affect vehicle performance and reduce engine power, especially in modern fuel injected vehicles.

When it comes to basic car servicing and maintenance, some things can get left longer than other however oil and air filters should be changed with each and every service. Their affordability and easy installation makes them easy to source and with JA Toft having a vast range of air and oil filters for all makes and models, finding one for your car will be hassle-free. Call into our store at 7 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, or call us on (07) 41512395.

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