How to degrease your car engine

A clean engine has more than just cosmetic benefits…

Cosmetic reasons aside, degreasing your car engine is something that’s relatively quick and easy, can help to identify leaks and corrosion and will also prevent rust and oil contamination. Your mechanic will certainly thank you for it too and a clean engine will also tell a better story if you put your car up for sale.

Unfortunately what’s under the hood of your car can be a case for out of sight, out of mind for many people, but it shouldn’t be. The Bundaberg automotive supplies specialists at JA Toft explain the simple steps to degreasing your car engine below.


1.     If your car engine is cold, warm up the engine slightly without letting it get hot. A warm engine bay will be easier to remove dirt, oil and other contaminants. A couple of minutes are enough for a cold engine.

2.     Cover all the openings on the car motor that can be affected by water. These are the air filter, the distributor, car battery, the oil dipstick and breather. Most people use plastic bags with rubber bands to protect these.. Most distributor caps should be waterproof but this is a preventative measure and is a good idea to follow. Ensure that all caps for brake, power steering.

3.     Use a stiff bristle brush to dislodge any loose dirt and other debris away from the engine and nearby components.

4.     Using a water soluble foam degreaser, spray upwards around the engine bay and other dirty surfaces. The brush can be used again to move the foam degreaser around wetting areas with the greatest grease and oil.

5.     Using a hose on low pressure, thoroughly rinse the engine. Use a steady (but not too powerful) stream setting on the hose instead of a fine spray. Hot water works best if available.

6.     Leave the car bonnet up while the engine dries.

7.     Remove plastic coverings from fuel system and electrical components.

Pronto – Your car engine should look shiny, black and dirt, dust and be free of other contaminants!

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