How to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Car batteries aren’t something we think about very often – until they stop working, usually without any warning. When it does die, you won’t be going anywhere. Your battery does more than just start the engine; it is also responsible for powering all the electronic components in your car so it’s important that you treat it well.

The average battery has a life span of four years. This is dependent on where you live and how you drive – car batteries tend to last longer in cooler climates and deteriorate more quickly when they are used for lots of short car trips. Because a car battery contains a complex cocktail of chemicals, there are many factors that can cause it to last long beyond those four years, or conk out years early.

You can make your battery last by following these simple tips.

Keep It Clean

Car batteries work better when they are clean. Give it a good scrub with a solution of 1 tablespoon baking soda and water, paying special attention to the terminals where corrosions can build up. If the corrosion is particularly bad, you may need to scrape it away. If your car won’t start, try giving the battery a clean, tightening the clamps, and starting it again. Sometimes, this is all it takes to bring a dead battery to life.

Keep It Cool

Both extreme heat and cold can damage your battery, but heat is the biggest killer of car batteries, which doesn’t bode well for Bundaberg residents. Extreme temperatures damage the positive plates and grids, which reduces the conductivity of the electrolyte. Don’t expose your battery to extreme weather and try to avoid overheating your engine. If you have the space, fit your battery with an insulation blanket.

Keep it Free

Running too many gadgets in your car is the fastest way to drain a battery. Try to cut down the amount of electrical equipment you run in your car. You can also save power by plugging appliances in after you have started the car and limiting the amount of time you run them without the engine running.

Keep it Maintained

Regular maintenance is the easiest way to extend your battery life. Don’t forget to:

• Check monthly for corrosions

• Check the water level indicator on a regular basis

• Have the battery serviced regularly

It’s important to have your car parts checked by an expert such JA Toft and Co, Bundaberg’s automotive specialists. Visit us at 7 Bourbong Street or call (07) 4151 2395.

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