New or used cars: which are best?

There is no right answer to which is best – new or used cars. You can however, take into consideration your budget, your lifestyle and your preferences, and use all of this to make your decision.

New cars are expensive

New cars are expensive, but even more so because they drop in value quickly. You would have heard the saying that a new car loses value as soon as it is driven out of the lot. This is true, but you will be paying more for that ‘new car feeling’, the knowledge that you are the original owner, and having a car that is in peak condition without any faults.

Old cars have history

Some history is good and some is bad. If you love antique cars then history might be exactly what you are prepared to pay top dollar for. Other old cars have a history of neglect, irregular services, and problems that never go away no matter how many times they are repaired. A new car will give you peace of mind that the car has not been used and abused.

New cars can be great for business

If you are buying a car for your business, customers and clients will judge you on it. A nice, clean and well-cared for car will work wonders for your brand and it might be a great way to save money on your tax. Talk to your accountant about strategies that will help your business stand out with confidence, while paying less tax at the same time.

Old cars can be unique

Sometimes older cars are just better. If you love your cars a second-hand purchase could provide you with the exact make and model that you desire. If you frown upon the look of new vehicles, then go for something that suits your personality and makes you reminisce about a time from the past.

New cars often have affordable extras

Not in a hurry for a new car? Wait around until the new car dealers are having a super sale. They may want to get rid of their old stock and because of this they might offer discounts, add on extras free of charge, offer you a fuel card, or reduce your interest on a loan. Servicing is also often free for the first few years, and all of this can save you money on through cheaper ongoing costs.

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