Pressure washing for a superior clean

pressure washing

We sell a lot of products here at JA Toft. In fact we are Bundaberg’s offer biggest supplier of auto supplies, paints and trade tools. In today’s article we shine the product spotlight on pressure cleaners to restore your car, the areas around your home and also for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses.

Where are pressure cleaners used?

Pressure washers or pressure cleaners uses water spray system to remove loose paint, mould, dirt and other built up grime on a range of surfaces including buildings and vehicles. The high speed pressure that they expel means they can even assist with cleaning graffiti from walls! Water blasting through the use of a pressure cleaner can therefore remove:

• Paint from a variety of surfaces
• Chewing gum from footpaths
• Even rubber from airport runways

What types of models are available?

At JA Toft we supply top quality Australian made SpitWater pressure cleaners. There are many different types of models available including cold and hot water and electric and diesel or petrol driven pressure cleaners. The pressure output starts upwards from 1500 pounds per square inch! That’s a lot of pressure. Not sure what kind of model you need for what job? Ask us about what model that will work for your needs. We also stock a wide range of accessories, including different extensions and nozzles for different kinds of tasks.

Where will pressure cleaning benefit your property?

There are more than just a few areas of the home where you will benefit from pressure cleaning. In fact you probably won’t realise just how dirty surfaces in your home have become until your property is given a good clean. Around the home water blasting from a pressure cleaner can:

- Remove slime and grime to restore driveways and pavers
- Brighten timber decking to look like new
- Remove the built up of dirt from external walls
- Restore concrete patios

Combining water and pressure works wonders when cleaning around the exterior of your home. You could continually keep pay someone to do it for you, or you could own a quality pressure cleaner yourself and save yourself the ongoing costs. To find out more about pressure cleaners or our wide range of trade tools, visit us at 7 Bourbong Street Bundaberg or call us today on (07) 4151 2395.

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