Car Parts for every Bundy Garage

There is much to be said for a well-stocked and fully equipped garage. Whether you are an auto enthusiast or just someone who cares about car and home maintenance, the garage is the perfect place in the home to keep auto supplies and tools handy. As the leading supplier of auto accessories in Bundaberg, JA Toft has all supplies to pimp your ride – and also your garage. Here’s out list of handy items to keep on-hand in yours.

Air Compressors – Whether it’s getting that inflatable camping mattress ready, or pumping up car, bike tires, beach or pool floats and sporting goods air compressors save time and your lungs.  When you need air on demand – you need an air compressor.

Pressure Cleaners – Keep the surfaces around the outside of your home free from grime and dirt  build up, we think you’ll be surprised at how many applications of pressure cleaners around the home there are! Wash your car, driveway patio and pavers effectively in minutes with the help of one of these handy gadgets.

Spare Air and Oil FiltersOil and air filters are essential to the health and smooth running of your engine – but only if they are regularly changed. Also keeping extra motor oil, car washing equipment, coolant and auto accessories on hand will ensure your car continues to run (and look) like a dream.

Trade Tools – Since the garage is also an impromptu workshop of sorts, it’s always a wise idea to have the tools on hand in one place to do the work. Whether it just a ladder, clamp and vices or power tools, if you want to be handy around the house, you need to tools that let you do the job. For all those tools, you also need a good tool box so everything is kept secure and in one place.

Touch up paint – Here at JA Toft we have the full spectrum of auto paints and we can match the exact colour of your car with your very own supply of touch up paint. This means that if paint is scratched or chipped off, you’ll be able to touch it up right away and prevent rust! How good is that?

For auto enthusiasts in the Wide Bay and Bundaberg regions if you haven’t already paid a visit to JA Toft the leading auto supplies retailer in the region what are you waiting for? We’ve got everything to transform your garage from being full of clutter to a functional and well equipped workshop and space for your car. Visit the friendly Tofts Team today at 7 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg or call us – (07) 4151 2395

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