A-Z List of Trade Tools

Is your garage, tool shed, or workspace well equipped with the right tools for jobs around the home?  Whether it’s nailing, gluing, powering, climbing, cutting or tightening, a good selection of trade tools and other equipment will make your life a lot easier and enable you to be a lot more handy around the home.

Here at JA Toft, we’ve got Bundaberg’s biggest selection of trade tools and auto parts under one roof – Most of the below we have at our retail outlet in Bundbaberg. Come and visit us today and pick up some quality brands of trade tools at great prices.

Axe - Handy tool to have on your property or job site for cutting trees or wood.

Blower- A blower can help clear leaves from walkways and yards quickly and effortlessly.

Circular Saw- A circular saw can be used to cut lumber or hardwood.

Drill -Used to mount heavy objects to walls. Building homes or sheds are some of the things you may need a drill for.

Extension Cords -These come in handy if you’re out in the garage or on a job site. Many electrical tools can be used further from the power source with an extension cord.

Flashlight – If you’re working in a dark space under the home or in the attic, you’ll be able see what you’re doing.

Generators- Useful to supply power to building sites or power appliances in your home during a power outage.

Hammer- Whether you’re building a house or hanging a picture, a hammer is a household essential for every family.

Ice Pick- Can be used to break ice from surfaces.

Jawhorse- A jawhorse can be used as a third person to help you safely hold whatever you are cutting.

Knife- A sharp knife can be used to cut anything in the home or on the job site.

Ladders- Very useful to safely reach objects that are up high or paint your home.

Measuring Tape Can be used to measure the area of room or length you plan to cut a board.

Nail Gun-Can reduce the time spent pounding nails into wood.

Orbital Saw-An orbital saw can be used to cut thicker objects easily. More expensive than a circular saw, but helpful for larger projects.

Pressure Cleaner-Used to clean driveways and exteriors of homes.

Quarter Inch Ruler-This ruler is an excellent choice to measure correctly and precisely.

Rototiller-If you have a garden or need to rotate dirt, a rototiller is a much better choice than doing the work manually.

Screwdriver-Can be used to tighten screws around the home or work site.

Table Saw-Can be used to cut wood at a job site.

Universal Handsaw - Easy to transport to work sites or back yard jobs. Can cut branches off trees.

Vacuum -Used to clean up small messes in the shop or home.

Wrench - Can be used to tighten or grip objects at home or work.

X-acto Knife - This small, but sharp knife can be used to precisely cut paper, tag board and other light materials.

Yardstick- This handy object can be used to measure anything. Great for objects under three feet.

Zip Ties- Can be used to hold virtually anything together.

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