Guide to Buying an Air Compressor

Air compressors provide high pressured air on demand for a wide range of purposes. Depending on your individual needs, will depend on the air compressor you will require, and how much you will ultimately pay.

JA Toft sells an extensive range of air compressors in Bundaberg to power a range of air tools, and for other handy tasks around the home. We explain the different grades of air compressor you should look for based on your requirements in this post.

Consumer Grade Air Compressors

Consumer grade air compressors are handy around the home, but won’t be sufficient for more commercial or industrial use. They can be used for

  • Inflating toys, tyres, and air mattresses.
  • Sporting goods
  • Some short burst tools including staple guns and Brad guns.

Consumer grade air compressors come in many forms including portable inflators, and models with multiple air tanks. Some are oil free, and have no belts while others, still considered portable are much heavier and louder. The trade-off for this is that they have a stronger engine and can be used for more specific tasks such as using air tools for carpentry jobs around the home.

Contractor Air Compressors

Built especially for work on a job site, contractor air compressors are a tradesman’s best friend and are designed for use by those working in the building industry. They can be used to:

  • Used for nail guns
  • Used for other pneumatic tools like Jackhammers, paint sprayers and sand blasters
  • Powering roadside repair tools.
  • Come in many forms and sizes, some can only be mounted on a truck or wheel barrow and will stand up to challenging conditions.

There are also a range of commercial air compressors available which are used in auto body workshops, manufacturing facilities and a number of other commercial purposes and are used to accommodate the most demanding air needs. Most purchases of air compressors however, will not fall into this category.

For more information about finding the right air compressor for your needs, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly Tofts team who can recommend a suitable model, based on the application and your budget. Call us today on (07) 4151 2395 or visit us at 7 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg

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